I came to learn that everything new that you undertake releases internal energy.

It is from the internal energy that your power to perform various tasks surge.

Let me nail it down, when you buy a brand new car, build a new house, get a new job, establish a new project, etc, won’t fill the same. Try out!

Newness releases peace and happiness, which triggers energy generation and flow.

Our day performance depends on energy possessed. A great idea comes from a high-energy mind. So do the reflection, analysis, and decision making.

Let me put it in another way around. Have you thought of any new project today? Yes, a very new project? Just as you got out from the bed, did you ask yourself this question…what is it new that should do today?

Along with your old schedule and monotonous action plan, it is imperative you fit in a 30 – to 60-minute completely new positive thing.

As you keep solving the same old boring challenges, fast track a new challenge and solve it. Unlike routine challenges, solving completely new challenges hadres built and strengthened your mind.

I can’t talk more about how l felt, when l bought my first car, built first house, land, got my first project, my degrees, etc. I was really fired up.

As long as we need energy daily, we should keep doing new things and achieving new milestones.

In fact, l was astonished when l came to learn that even our Almighty God wants us to sing for him the new songs (Psalm 96:1a)

A gift given to someone is correlated to new stuff. It is from this that gifts also create happiness, joy, and peace, hence energy flow.

I have enlisted hereunder, some few new stuff you can undertake daily and enjoy the energy flows,

1. Just greet a new person that you have never spoken to before. Get connected. Get new energy.

2. Get 15 to 30 minutes new knowledge, for instance, learn about making ball pens, chalks, proposal writing, sales skills, etc.

3. Listen to new development models and innovations currently launched.

4. Improve the way you do your physical exercise, the way you give speech, greet people, the way you do prayers, etc

5. Offer even small affordable gifts to new needy individuals.

6. Transform non ethical to ethical behaviours, transit from dark to light and from sinner to holly, lots of energy flow will be experienced.

7. Do any other new stuff provided it’s ethical. Enjoy the energy flow.

Trust that you will learn more about the power of newness and keep exploring new ideas, keep doing new projects and keep achieving new milestones.

I am humbled,


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